Manuka Essential Oil

Manuka Essential Oil is native to New Zealand and is quite a new addition to doTERRA. We are so extremely lucky to be able to reap the benefits of this incredible plant medicine.

The Maori People have used Manuka for centuries to treat skin conditions, bites & stings, dandruff and also as a deodorant and skin care ingredient. Manuka’s powerful antibacterial, anti fungal and antimicrobial properties mean that it is effective in supporting skin conditions, wound healing, and the immune system. Manuka promotes cellular regeneration and assists in wound healing.

Manuka Essential Oil promotes feelings of relaxation and calm and can relieve feelings of anxiety and tension.

doTERRA’s NewZealand Manuka Essential Oil is extracted by steam distillation, utilising the flowers, leaves and stem of the Manuka Tree.

  • Apply to the skin to promote healthy cell growth and smooth complexion.
  • Apply to the skin to assist minor would healing and to soothe bites, stings and irritation
  •  Diffuse aromatically to help cleanse and freshen the air.
  • Use Manuka essential oil to promote feelings of calm, balance and emotional ease