One of the most well known & versatile essential oils am I right?

But do not be fooled, there is no Lavender so pure, so clean and so therapeutic as doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil.

Grown in France, its native location, this Essential Oil is bursting with calming and soothing properties and it will love your skin, improving appearance and nourishing it so beautifully.

Many folks depend on their trusty lavender to soothe their children to sleep each night. I can not even contemplate drifting off until I have a drop or two on my pillow and a few drops in the diffuser on my bedside table.

Lavender is wonderful to soothe skin after sun exposure and to relieve bites and stings from pesky insects. This beauty comes ready to go in a roll on too so you can whip it out of your purse and apply as needed.

This is a staple in so many homes. You know what to do, react out to me to get your hands on some of this divine essence from nature.

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