The King of all Oils is our Frankincense! This Essential Oil is so incredible. You will be so glad to have this oil in your life.

Properties of Frankincense: Antiseptic, mood enhancing, immune stimulant, sedative properties.

Frankincense is an incredibly balancing & grounding oil. It is so wonderful to use with over excited or irritable children, and to help adults focus and be calm and centred.

Frankincense supports DNA processing within the cells and cellular renewal. It is incredibly nourishing & supporting to the skin, and the digestive & respiratory systems.

Diffuse: Frankincense is compatible with all other oils, so versatile! Because Frankincense supports the immune system, it a great one to diffuse during the winter season or when someone is unwell.

Apply Topically: For children, dilute and massage into the soles of feet. For adults, apply net or diluted, to soles of feet, pulse points, or directly onto areas of skin where needed. I apply Frankincense to my face every day as part of my skin care routine. Great for minor bites, skins, rashes etc.

Internally: 1-2 drops can be taken under the tongue, or inside a veggie capsule.

You are welcome 🙂