Reducing Toxic Load

So who really cares about how many chemicals they are exposed to on a daily basis? I know I became very interested in this when my first baby was born. Suddenly I was completely conscious of all of the body products, cleaning products, pesticides and environmental products that posed potential hazards to him and my

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Peppermint Essential Oil

Ahhhh beautiful, refreshing peppermint. Has to be a favourite for so many people. Please enjoy this third mini Class on the top ten essential oils that you don’t want to be without. Please get in touch if you’d like me to show you these amazing, certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Xxx

Time to Focus

Being a Nurse, I am quite accustomed to moving around most of the day. I struggle to sit still and focus, often finding hundreds of excuses to get up and find other things to do. This often results in little of the task I originally set out to do, remaining incomplete! Doing something physical seems

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