DIY Recipes Naturally



Chocolate/Peppermint Black Bean Brownies 

I made these for my Cooking with Essential Oils class today, among other delicious recipes! These are made using black beans in place of flour so are friendly for those who are gluten or wheat intolerant!! They are also made with honey and coconut oil, much healthier! I soaked dried black beans over night, then boiled them until tender, but you can also use canned beans if you don’t have time. They taste AMAZING and were a hit with everyone! Give them a try and let me know what you think!

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Click Here for the recipe!


Cashew Nut Milk

Now I am one of those people that are of the school of thought, that cows milk is meant for baby cows, no body else. So I have spent quite a few years trying to perfect the art of creating delicious, dairy free milk that is both healthy & versatile. This recipe is a must have in every dairy free kitchen. It is wonderful in a cup of tea and can be used in many recipes where you would normally use cows milk.

I added 2 teaspoons of ground coffee to this recipe. 



Lemon Water! 

Haha, is this really even a recipe? I guess it is because it has more than one ingredient. I thought I’d start with the easiest way to start using Essential Oils for internal benefits. Lemon Water, it is alkalising, cleansing and delicious! My daughter loves it and it encourages her to drink water which i difficult with most teenagers.

Simply ad ONE drop of Lemon Essential Oil to around 500ml of water. Please remember to use glass or stainless still. Essential Oils are potent and can effect plastic, causing reactions that may leach nasties into your water. It is a good idea to avoid eating and drinking anything out of plastic anyway.




Natural Body Lotion Bars

Natural Body Lotion Bars! 

Oh my god I have just made a batch of these! They are so easy and so much fun to make! It is so wonderful to know EXACTLY what I am putting on my family’s skin!

All you need is a few ingredients! Here it is! Share your results! I’d love to see!


Dishwasher Tablets

Move over expensive, chemical laden dishwasher tablets! These are natural, effective, easy to make and a tiny fraction of the price!

dish wash tabs

Glass Cleaner!

I hate breathing in the disgusting fumes every time I have to clean doggy nose prints off my glass door. It is easier than you think to replace your household cleaning chemicals with natural, affordable solutions that won’t harm you or those you love.

Click here for the PDF: Glass Cleaner