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Home Essentials Kit


This baby is the most popular kit that people choose when getting started. It contains everything you need to get started in transforming your emotional & physical health, and your home, straight away!

Check out the 150 Uses for the Home Essentials Kit and you will begin to get an idea of how you can get so much benefit from getting started with this kit.

This collection contains over $550 worth of oils, and costs only $330. It includes the beautiful Petal Diffuser, an incredible little diffuser that covers a large area. This is a ‘nebulising’ diffuser, which humidifies the air and distributes the amazing essential oils so that you can soak up all of the benefits.


Other Kits:

The best way to start your oily journey is with an enrolment kit. Here is some information on the kits that are available.

Enrolment kit chart 2


Enrolment kit chart 3

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