Living Your Truth

Are you feeling as though you are living your truth? What the hell does that even mean?

This is a burning question for me. This has been rattling though my head each and every day for a few years now. That niggling feeling that ‘there just has to be more to life than what I am living now’ Through several career changes and mountains of stress and strain, I continued to feel dissatisfied with life, and unfulfilled in my daily work.

I was searching, searching, for the illusive answer to the mysterious question. And in my search, I have discovered a few things along the way that may resonate with you.

1: There is no sense or worth in just turning a blind eye to your unhappiness and keeping on as you are. That voice will not just go away and leave you alone. I feel that this is the perfect recipe for the classic 90 year old, empty and sad soul, full of regret about all that we could have, should have, would have done.

2: You are not alone: My search for fulfilment and satisfaction in life has opened me up to the realisation that there are countless other ‘lost souls’ out there, searching for their truth. There are people just like me, and possibly you, who just aren’t willing to settle for the standard life that we were conditioned to accept at some point.

3: Our ‘Inner Voice’ is there, and must be heard. It isn’t just nonsense, or silly pipe dreams that keep us awake at night. I truly believe it is our BIRTHRIGHT to lead happy, meaningful, fulfilling and thrilling lives.

Only a few months ago, aged almost 40, did I find the answer all that I was looking for, as far as what I wanted to actually do with my life. That thing that I could do to provide an abundant life to myself and my family, while at the same time being genuinely fulfilled and giving back to others in a very big way.

For me, discovering the doTERRA Opportunity has been the answer to all my desires. I get to be part of an amazing company, that ticks all of the boxes; Philanthropy, Sustainability, Integrity, Personal & Professional Empowerment, Community, Education, Abundance Creation, Travel, the list goes on.

For you, I am sure there is also something out there that will tick all of your boxes. Perhaps it might be doTERRA, perhaps not. The thing is, that we must not just give up on our dreams. That voice inside you that nags away, must not be ignored.

So far, throughout my doTERRA journey, I have learned that being part of this company, of this community, is truly aligned with all that is true to my soul and to what is important to me. And I am not even scratching the surface of being incredibly successful yet! The thing is, that I KNOW deep down inside that I must keep going, and not give up, because this is that ‘thing’ I have been searching for. Every single moment I invest into sharing and creating a community within doTERRA, feels like a marvellous and wonderful moment. That, I am told, is the way to know that you are doing what you are meant to be doing. Fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Of course, there are many other things that give me great peace and fulfilment; being in nature, time with my fur babies, family time, creating, yoga, self care. I am working towards creating a life where these things will be a daily indulgence, not just a brief and fleeting ‘stolen moment’ amongst the chaos.

Keep asking god, the universe who ever you speak to out there, to show you the way. Don’t give up on your self. That deep seated emptiness you might feel as you go through the daily motions, is there to tell you something. Something big, something powerful. Go on, listen, lean in to it, ask what it is that your inner voice in trying to tell you. I dare you!


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