Reducing Toxic Load

So who really cares about how many chemicals they are exposed to on a daily basis? I know I became very interested in this when my first baby was born. Suddenly I was completely conscious of all of the body products, cleaning products, pesticides and environmental products that posed potential hazards to him and my little family.

Alarming or not, it is an undeniable fact that these days, we really are constantly exposed to a myriad of potentially harmful chemicals daily. And one major concern is that the effect is slow, accumulative, so that we really don’t notice it happening.

In my job I am constantly exposed to nasty chemicals, from the hand wash I am required to use literally hundreds of times a day, to the alcohol rub I must apply to my hands before and after patient contact. Not to mention the harsh cleaning and disinfecting products used to clean a hospital each day. It is priority that I reduce the chemical load I am exposed to as much as possible, and at home is the best place to start.

So what are some of the chemicals that we can easily exclude from our daily routines and replace with a safe, natural and actually far cheaper solution? Let me name a few.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS): An incredibly common chemical found in shampoo, body wash, tooth paste and detergents. It acts as a surfactant which works to break the surface tension of water and create a lather. It is also used in engine degreaser! The problem with SLS is that it is a known skin irritant, A known eye irritant, toxic solvents and carcinogenic nitrates are used in the manufacturing of SLS and some traces may be left behind in the end product. This is only a brief example and there are many more reasons why it is a good idea to avoid sulphates such as SLS.

Parabens: Used in skin care products, such as moisturisers, lipsticks and scrubs to inhibit bacterial growth, keeping the products fresh. Also a very cheap chemical, which explains its wide use. In 2004, British breast cancer researcher Philippa Dabre found parabens present in malignant breast tumors. That for me is plenty enough reason for me to want avoid parabens like the plague!

Ammonia: a colourless gas which dissolves in water, creating an alkaline solution. (opposite to acidic) Often found in glass/window cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, oven and drain cleaners and floor cleaners.

Why is ammonia a problem for our health? Ammonia gives off fumes that are dangerous to mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, lungs etc). It is also caustic, meaning it can burn your skin. Why would you want to be handling this stuff and splashing it around your home?

Synthetic Fragrance: Where do I even begin here? I am sure you are aware of synthetic fragrances bombarding our every waking moment in the form of hair products, body lotions, deodorants, air fresheners, laundry detergent, dish liquid, the list goes on.

Fragrances are actually mixtures of various chemicals that make up a particular scent. It seems ironic that we purchase products that are ‘berry scented’ or ‘orange scented’, that are actually so far removed from what it is they are trying to smell like, we may as well forget it! Why oh why must we settle for breathing in this rubbish? There is simply NO NEED!

The problem with synthetic fragrances? Well there are so many different chemical compounds that go into creating smelly things, that I couldn’t possibly cover it all here.

For a start, just one fragrance that might be in your body wash can contain up to 200 different chemicals that were used to create that one fragrance! GASP! You will notice that the ‘ingredient list’ for these 200 chemicals only appears as ‘fragrance‘ on your body wash bottle, so there is no way of telling exactly what chemicals are in there!

That is enough to make you feel very dubious about trusting what these manufacturers are selling you I am sure. The above is only a very small example of the endless list of potentially dangerous ingredients that are filling the products we buy to clean ourselves and our environment. But at what cost?

I can honestly tell you that I believe there is absolutely NO REASON to wash, cleanse, moisturise or beautify with anything containing synthetic chemicals.

When humans arrived on this earth, Mother Nature had provided everything we needed and more. Switching to using natural home and personal care products does not have to be complicated, expensive, or difficult. I have sent many years experimenting and trying out various natural alternatives and have found that every single product I require can be natural and safe, even sunscreen.

So please, for you and your family’s well being, have a look at what you have in your home and think about how you can replace it with a natural alternative. I will be posting many fabulous recipes and ideas so keep a look out. And if you’d like some help, just get in touch!

There are countless, effective, and gorgeous recipes from Doterra using essential oils and other very simple, readily available ingredients that enable us to create safe, effective, gorgeous smelling, NATURAL products for our bodies and our homes.

Get in touch to find out how I can help you learn how to use essential oils and teach you how to get a wholesale account. I love living life naturally and sharing with others so that they can do the same.

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